Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lean close, let me tell you my tale, which will make the rosiest pale
Upon hearing how my sad tale of woe begins with a love most deep.
I traveled across mountains high, under the stormiest skies,
Without my love I’d simply die, why I could barely stop to sleep.
Finally my goal was in sight, and with it I began to weep,
Down below that valley steep.

T’was no pilgrimage of a childe, no herald’s journey meek and mild.
I traveled far and wide across desert, forests, plains and raging sea.
I left in youth, fortune to find, the dreams of wealth had made me blind.
For wealth, I left my love behind, inclined was I, back then, to flee.
I fled upon a merchant’s ship, to my fortune it carried me,
And then brought me back, you see.

With this beautiful sight ahead, how could I know I would be dead
Before I was able to be in the arms of my sweet love again.
Oh yes, how my heart was breaking, my every fiber was aching,
My very soul was a quaking, making my way to her again.
My attention had been lacking, as I dreamed of her lips again,
Though ahead were dark foemen.

As I rode through those dark cedar, That group would not be the leader
Of my soul into the deepest and darkest parts of the world unseen.
Pardon me, you should be fearing, at this point my horse was rearing,
Raven’s call my horse was hearing, fearing an omen most unclean.
Yes, it was a raven near by, hiding in those dark woods unseen.
That Lilith, no faerie queen.

Through the air and down to the ground, it was on my back I was found
By the most beautiful creature I could have ever laid eyes upon.
Her beauty was so enchanting, any wish I would be granting,
Oh the thoughts she was implanting, implanting love brought by the swan.
This bird was no swan before me, I had no strength to carry on,
Now unto her I was drawn.

Hunting in this dangerous park, her hunger was to leave its mark
On any sorry soul so unfortunate enough to cross her path.
In the shadows her eyes shone bright as she made her way through the night,
Her smile made for quite a sight, plight unlike any is her wrath.
Her smile offered up no hope, when pursed showed only signs of wrath,
That smile meant a blood bath.

With her standing over my head, I heard the men soon to be dead,
And her beauty quickly turned to an awful image of ghastly rage.
Those men knew not was coming, Rage in her ears was a drumming,
Hid a terrible forthcoming, becoming a dark forest cage.
This harpy’s claws were most ready, to play their part upon this stage.
They were a most frightful gauge.

With the raging flame in her eyes, they would be in for a surprise,
Appearing as a lovely maid, she came slow as to insight no fear.
With her in sight, they were seeing when they should have been a fleeing,
Her beauty they were a seeing, being that they could not see clear.
My body was still paralyzed, I was allowed to see and hear.
Wanting opposite of near.

How the voices were lifted up, none were able to pass that cup,
She measured each a portion of the most ghastly beverage to be.
Each of them in turn drank deeply, then lay upon the ground meekly,
With all done the forest sweetly completely swallowed them, you see.
They were taken into the Earth, they would become the cedar trees.
The trees would not hear our pleas.

With this group of foemen taken, her real goal would reawaken,
She returned her loving gaze upon the place where she left me to lay.
Her prize she would be a claiming, it was my death she was framing,
Under my breath saints a naming, shaming me along the way.
I could not hope to be like them, because God seemed so far away.
No god would help me that day.

She took me to her place of rest, trapped I would be within her nest
As she lovingly set to the arrangements of which she had in store.
I knew I had to be dreaming, the daylight would be redeeming,
Alas only she was scheming, beaming was she with nightly gore.
I could not bear to look upon, with her hoary hair all a gore.
A vision not seen before.

To this horror I only wept, as from my love I would be kept,
Because I could see no way of my escaping from this frightful hold.
As this Calypso was cleaning, it was escape I was scheming,
I know now I was just dreaming, dreaming crazy dreams of the bold.
I did not know it at that time, but all my futures had been sold.
My soul in exchange for cold.

For the morning I awaited, but morning light was belated.
No sweet morn came to liberate me from this most terrible of dreams.
The thing that night was begetting were images most upsetting,
If only could be forgetting, forgetting those ghastly screams.
Those pictures just won’t leave my mind, embedding in me it seems,
Most foul and terrible themes.

When e’re I looked into her eyes, an azure of the deepest skies,
I could see in them a hunger of which I would never chance be free.
With this thought my strength was draining, against her mind I was straining,
Over me, her mind was reigning, gaining all control over me.
I felt if I could just hold on, some god would listen to my plea,
Though no gods’ mercy found me.

Purity she would deflower, my heart’s love she would devour.
How could it have come that I would become a demon’s special guest?
Against my plight I was straining while what hope I had was draining,
No chance for hope to be gaining, reigning was this demon pest.
With all my hope all but faded, waning was I, in her nest.
I thought death could bring me rest.

By now it was all but certain death would draw that final curtain,
I would never have a chance to see my sweet love again in this life.
Kismet’s jolly would be teasing, for her there was no appeasing,
Her soul to me would be freezing, freezing unto me as no wife.
From her, no loving warmth would be, only the cold steel of a knife.
From this love can be no life.

When she was done with her cleaning, her hair she began a preening,
Her youth and beauty was with out a doubt beyond all earthly compare.
An illusion I was seeing, she was a most ancient being,
My mind said I could be fleeing, freeing me from my deep despair.
I had no chance to free myself, and make my way into night’s air.
All I could do was sit there.

For the briefest moment I saw, her steely attention did thaw,
And could control my body in ways I wasn’t able for a while.
That knife near I made to grabbing, with intentions to be stabbing,
However it was the jabbing, jabbing that only made her smile.
If could have got with in one inch, it might have as well been a mile.
Pathetic was my sad guile.

With her arms about me lacing, it was my blood she was tracing,
As she sank her saber teeth into the soft fleshy parts of my neck.
I felt my blood pressure dropping, it was my heart she was stopping,
But before my final stopping, stopping then she was bound to check
To make sure I was not at death, her fun she did not want to wreck,
We would be on no short trek.

The piercing sounds of her laughter will stay with me ever after.
Cackles of a madness wafting, against that cold stone wall they would ring,
My fear I tried to be masking, while in my pain she was basking,
Between gusts I started asking, asking for my hope to cling.
In her grim chores she was loving, tasking was this dreadful thing.
With passion she began to sing.

To my bones, those notes had shaken, my very soul she had taken.
In those notes I could hear this dark love echoing off this prison wall.
It was this love I was fearing, the love in song I was hearing,
Something terrible was nearing, rearing for some tragic fall.
Tried to close my heart against it, steering my mind from its call.
But it had me in its thrall.

Walls and floor of deepest amber, I had no hope to even clamber,
Making my way past my capture, into the lovely embrace of night.
The siren’s song she was sharing, against my flesh she was tearing,
It was pain beyond my bearing, wearing against my soul that night.
Beastly animal attention, staring at me, focus tight,
Holding me within its sight.

In her grip I turned to weeping, it was my blood she was reaping.
All my efforts made to escape were in vain against her hungry hold.
The nearing end I was dreading, mortal coil to be shedding,
Through death’s garden I was treading, treading out into the cold.
I was held tight in her embrace, threading in her savage fold.
Held fast in death’s fatal hold.

Thinking I would be expending, and my last breath was impending,
I tried one last time to summon up my strength but hers was just too great.
Despite the blood she was thieving, it was life unto which I was cleaving,
With every breath I was heaving, weaving through me this dark hate.
With all that I had left undone, grieving was I for my fate.
All I had was but to wait.

In the arms of my dark jailor, my strength would only get frailer,
As I was forced to experience being the main course at this feast.
With no way I could be knowing as I felt hatred growing,
The future she would be showing, showing after this life ceased.
This was only the beginning, slowing never in the least.
I now belonged to this beast.

Behind her dead eyes was peering a most blackened soul a leering,
Watching the last of my strength slip from me as I faded into dark.
When I could feel my mind waking, it was my flesh I felt aching,
But my will she had been breaking, taking from me that life’s spark.
I could feel where her kisses touched me, making a most painful mark.
I knew death’s song I’d to hark.

It was though my flesh was knowing this terrible hunger growing,
But I had no idea from where it came or how to set it free.
To new heights my pain was reaching, yet she was there for my teaching,
Liquid desire would be leaching, breaching from a torrid sea.
An all too commanding hunger, preaching like a pious plea.
Like a puppet I would be.

The hunger’s call I would hearken, it would be the world I’d darken,
With the hunger surging in me, I knew I was a darkling ghoul.
Calling was a feast most charming, this quiet lea we’d be farming,
With shining fangs for the harming, arming like a deadly tool.
With my dark teacher by my side, harming in the night so cool,
An erudite in death’s school.

Without a thought, she’d take night's fruit, then drain its life with strangling root,
Like a statue, she’d take a pose, while under that pallid sun she’d sit.
An orchid, on the tree of life, with loving passion she brought strife,
She was Death's little savage wife, life lived in this world she would quit.
A bird hopping from branch to branch, from victim to victim she’d flit.
A soul from its vessel split.

Making our way to the living, it was death we would be giving,
With our dreadful mission ahead, together we made quite a pair.
Through the night we would be speeding, it was the blood we’d be needing.
From place to place she’d be leading, feeding in the moist night air.
Oh how our prey begged for mercy, pleading for mercy to spare.
No mercy would be found there.

A nimble yet deadly flower, full of rage and graceful power,
She was a blossom that would only bloom under the most pallid sun.
Her petals drawn with razor's ink, in death through life her teeth would sink,
For blood she needs to drink, blink just once and the deed is done,
For if she has you in her sights, that blink will be your only one.
Never will you see the sun.

Its long since my cold heart heated, and the icy death I cheated,
I have learned how to live anew, it’s into night I go with pride.
Through the world of mortals drifting, while its life and death I’m rifting,
Through the mortals I am sifting, sifting like sands in the tide.
This dark gift my demon gave me, lifting me on this great ride,
How I loved my darkling guide.

Rest is what my soul was wishing, but that’s not what death was dishing,
In death I have known life better than any mortal can ever know.
Faith in the blood I am placing, while through all these years I’m tracing,
A love for life I’m embracing, effacing it as I go.
With a lethal smile on my face I’m facing every evening’s flow.
Into life, myself I throw.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Reality Perceived

Is this reality we are conceiving?
Could it be something else we are perceiving?
A nervous system weaving, interweaving,
Senses receiving, believing, deceiving.

With all of these senses I am astounded,
I’m in a world of perception surrounded.
The range of experience is confounded,
I sense the beauty of the world resounded.

On this never ending quest for sensation,
Its satiation will be my salvation.
Of good and bad there is no separation,
Depravation’s the only violation.

With new sensation comes exhilaration,
It’s exaltation of simple elation.
From this path there can be no deviation,
Through exploration there is no damnation.

The only goal of life is satisfaction,
Of this ideal there is no abstraction.
Experience is never a distraction,
For we all know life’s temptations attraction.

For the next sensation I am crusading,
The next experience never evading.
The call of a nervous system persuading,
“Give in to that next sensation cascading.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Behind the Veil

Behind the veil of love
I found a darkness fine
A friendless void where you don’t feel or mind

I see it there but I,
Just can’t quite reach that place,
That could put serenity in pains space.

How do I move past this hour,
As I feel my heart break,
To that place where I can feel a peace make.

I turn to history,
To find a lesson true,
Can I find the answer to help me through?

Why must love be this way,
And always end in pain?
On a heart so true love will leave its stain.

Take love away from me,
So I may never feel,
So I can have a peace no love can steal.

Please take this love from me,
And leave a darkness fine,
A friendless void where I don’t feel or mind.

Friday, December 23, 2011


You're just an Automaton,
Simply left in the on.
I wish you could know.

But you'll never know.

With all the things left undone,
Can you say you had fun?
Please just say something.

Please don't say something.

When I look into your eyes,
All I see are the lies,
And I can't help you.

No one can help you.

Nothing more than reflection of deceit,
Your nothing more than meat, you see.
I guess you don't see.

Mindless drifting not knowing you're alive,
You're never knowing life, or me.
You'll never know me.

When I think of everything,
All I feel is this sting,
And I can't feel you.

And you can't feel you.

No beginning and no end,
There is no will to bend.
Is it all over?

It's never over.

Why is it that you can't see,
You'll never really be.
Am I getting through?

I'll never get through.

An Autumn Day

A crow and a snake
Through a midday rift
What is at stake?

A squirrel and an autumn rain
Steam from a moist roof
Will it come again?

A drop and a dry leaf
Birds and traffic blend
A mosaic in relief?

A flower and a cool breeze
A hunger to the surface
And what of the trees?

A finch and a birch
Two become as one
What of my perch?

A fern and a cloud
Grass for the sun warmly
Lost in the crowd?

A tear and a stream
Can't run from the future
What of that dream?

The sky and a fence
Damn the haze and mist
What makes sense?

A wail and a lie
Stepping through the rift
Where am I?

A gaol and a stare
The winter is coming
Does anyone care?

A bird and a seed
Must let one go
Can it be freed?

Eulogy for a Squirrel

We have gathered here to send a dearly beloved friend,
Who's taken his leave of this place, to reside up in heaven's grace.
I thank you all for attending, I know how he was befriending.
He can never be replaced.

Paw in peace he was to lend, right up to the very end
It was not hard for us to trace that little smile upon his face.
He was never known offending, to heaven surely ascending,
Joys of living he embraced.

Pleasures he was quick to vend for a seed by which to spend,
Through my yard he was quick to lace from tree to tree with such a grace.
In his quest he was unbending, of his life I am commending,
How our lives were interlaced.

You will be missed little friend, with me to the very end,
In peace of mind you were an ace, bringing a smile to my face.
To you I must be extending, my sorrow is not pretending,
Memories never erased.

How death's dark hand came to rend, without you alone I wend,
Through this dark, dreary garden place, footsteps with mine eye to trace.
None can ever be amending what death has been expending,
Forever with death embraced.

The Fallen

In autumn breeze you fall before,
The throne from which you were crested.
From your new perch you do implore,
For your position to restore.
With new freedoms you've been vested,
In autumn breeze you are restless.
Though amongst your kind you're nested,
How you resist being rested.
But your journey is quite questless,
As you remain sadly crestless.

In autumn breeze you lie greeting,
Welcoming the winter aboard.
Like so many soldiers meeting,
Your time together is fleeting.
Conquering the land like a horde,
In autumn breeze you are speeding.
No quiet corner unexplored,
Yet to your throne quite unrestored.
Despite the worlds quiet pleading,
It's the autumn breeze you're heeding.